Senator McCaskill has a very nice campaign picture next to a gas pump on her campaign website. According to this website, she wants us to believe she is standing up for Missouri’s interests and against EPA regulations that would devastate our state’s economy and individuals with skyrocketing electricity prices. As with many campaign “promises” – the Senator has demonstrated she can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. She has instead once again chosen President Obama and his EPA bureaucrats over her constituents! 

As I wrote in Is Senator McCaskill a Soldier in Obama’s War on Coal?, the Senator had the opportunity to represent her constituents instead of President Obama for a change.  She had the opportunity to weigh in on protecting her constituents in Missouri, where we get 81% of our electrical power from coal and 4,600 jobs are dependent on its use.   She had the opportunity to do this and more – she blew it! 

The Springfield News-Leader printed an op-ed (“War against coal will harm state economy“) this morning from Phil Kerpen and myself regarding the devastating impacts of the President’s war on coal on our state (for which McCaskill cast s supporting vote that can be found here).

It’s not like the Senator didn’t know the impact she’d have on Missouri by voting with the President and the EPA bureaucrats.  The Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) issued a report that clearly shows the devastating impacts of the EPA MACT.  The current PSC cannot be said to be industry friendly.  In fairness, they have been relatively benign but their report The Cost of Compliance with Federal Environmental Regulations tells a very grim story for Missouri’s economic future.

The Senator also hides behind alleged compromises that aren’t compromises at all but merely CYA actions. The Senator will likely claim that she voted no because she is supporting the more “reasonable” Alexander-Pryor amendment. Watch the link and you will see it’s yet another sham vote that she would be casting.

The Senator telegraphs this CYA position on her campaign website. She mentions delaying the EPA regulations which means they will still be in play but not take effect until after her re-election bid. She says on her website:

“Claire hasn’t been afraid to break with members of her own party to protect Missouri’s coal-fired power plants and fight back against unnecessary EPA regulations.”

As usual, the Senator says things we want to hear and then votes another way!

The Senator will undoubtedly use the ruse that it was a procedural vote and not a vote on the Resolution itself.  While she is technically accurate, her “no” vote insured she would not have to take a stand on the issue, much less the super-escalation of electricity prices and loss of many of those 4,600 Missouri jobs!

The Senator has used both ruses before (on the Cap and Trade bill), only that time she voted “yes” on the procedural vote to have a discussion and ensure passage of the Cap and Trade bill.

Senator McCaskill has often supported such trickery and then claimed to have been “against” the bad stuff all the while supporting it such as the global warming measure.  It’s not comforting to watch her as she  infamously said: “The good news is our emissions are way down because of the recession.” We beat “the number we were looking for,” McCaskill explained, “assuming for the purposes of discussion cap-and-trade was passed a few years ago because we have had such a real drop in manufacturing output.”

Fortunately the Senator didn’t prevail on the Cap and Trade vote, but unfortunately she prevailed on putting Missouri’s economy further in the hole by her vote this morning. One can only wonder why she supports things that hurt her constituents while helping the President and EPA bureaucrats. Let her know she made the wrong choice by calling her offices.

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Washington D.C. Office

For those visiting Washington, D.C., please stop by McCaskill’s office near the Capitol:

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