Today voters who reside in Springfield will be going to the ballot box to vote on Question 1 which will repeal the draconian, property rights infringing smoking ban put into place last year.  United for Missouri encourages Springfield voters to cast a “YES” vote on Question 1!

As we outline in United for Missouri Supports “YES” on Question 1 in Springfield, June 5th!, this really isn’t about health issues although that’s what you hear a lot about.  It’s really about whether private business owners have the ability to make the business decisions that they believe will enhance or protect their investment in said business.  Smoking bans are an assault on property rights and economic liberty and freedoms!

A lot of people don’t like smoking.  Some of them have concerns about health issues. Others just don’t like smoke.  By voting “YES” on Question 1 Springfield voters can accomodate economic liberty and freedoms while providing for those who don’t like/want to be in smoking environments.

Voting “YES” on Question 1 will return the smoking ban policy back to the one that existed prior to the adoption of the current draconian measure.  It allows business owners to make the decision to allow or not allow smoking in response to their customers desires. If you are concerned about smoking for health reasons or just don’t like smoke you will be able to choose not to patronize a smoking environment.  Business owners will be free to operate their businesses in a fashion that they believe is most responsive to their customers and to their investors – which is most likely their family!

The Springfield New-Leader reported that bars in Springfield had seen a nearly 6% drop in sales since the draconian smoking ban went into place.  This has impacted city collections also.  But forget about the city collections, what about other busineses?

Christian Hutson, co-owner of Just for Him tobacco shop saw a significant decline in business.  The City Council in an obvious effort to stave off support for a “YES’ vote on Question 1 made some hasty revisions to the smoking ban and Christian benefited at least in part from those modifications.  Here’s what he has to say about the smoking ban and Question 1:


Surely you can hear people say, “well yeah, a tobacco shop owner is going to complain!” Of course they have to acknowledge is saying that is that Christian’s business isn’t important. You would be surprised how many actually feel that way but don’t have the intestinal fortitude to say it. They instead hide behind these smoking bans.

Ron Kinney, President of Kinney Amusement and Vending Company a small family owned business, relates how the draconian ban has impacted his family owned business and the impact on other family owned businesses:

You can see other testimonies about the impacts of the smoking ban at Springfield, Missouri – Yes on Question 1 – June 5, 2012

Question 1 is an important vote. Will Springfield send the message that it’s ok to impose on the economic liberty and freedom of business owners for the convenience of others? If that is the answer, who will be next?