The Bipartisan Investigative Committee on Personal Privacy conducted the second day of hearings with only two witnesses.  The Governor’s office refused to allow the witnesses who originally agreed to appear to attend because they were “too busy”.  The Speaker issued a subponea for their appearance but a judge placed a temporary hold on it until a hearing is conducted.

Today’s hearings uncovered the fact that none of the scanning or biometric data collection being done would have stopped the most egregious example of driver’s license frand that has occured in Missouri.  The license bureau in St Joseph, Missouri issued over 3500 fraudulent licenses to illegal immigrants.  The fraud system in place at that time actually alerted DOR to the problem but for some reason ignored it for some time.  Here is the vidoe with the testimony.

The second witness of the day was the acting director of revenue, John Mollenkamp.  He continued the Nixon Administration parse dance.  Here is the video of his testimony.

Much thanks to Duane Lester, aka, The Missouri Torch who kindly made available a live stream of the proceedings and these videos. He provides a great service!