Late last week, there was an attempt by the Missouri Health Insurance Pool (MHIP) to accept a $21 million grant to establish the Obamacare mandated health insurance exchange. Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder reported on the Dana Show about the activities that took place, and he references an executive order by the Governor to complete the action.  Listen for the discussion at about 1:56 here.

This issue was first discussed in our blog post Obamacare Insurance Exchange Comes Through Back Door in Missouri.  The Missouri Watch Dog had reported about the first hearing of the Senate Interim Committee on Health Insurance Exchange and has several videos regarding the testimony. You can find the links in the above blog post.

One of the videos was of the Director of the Insurance Department, John Huff. Mr. Huff is also a member of MHIP, which has several insurance providers as members. Why is all of this important? The resolution that MHIP was about to adopt – again, to accept the federal money to establish the Obamacare health insurance exchange – appears to be heavily driven by Mr. Huff, whose department regulates most of the members of MHIP.

What’s this got to do with the Governor? After all, you might think to yourself, he is not a member of this “quasi-governmental” board. He doesn’t control them. Ah, but you would be mistaken.

The resolution MHIP was about to pass contains this statement:

Whereas Governor Nixon designated John Huff, DIFP Director, HIECC chair and Missouri Health Insurance Exchange Establishment Grant (Establishment Grant), to provide executive leadership to the development f the Exchange Infrastructure and to oversee grant administration; and,

John Huff works directly for Governor Nixon. Governor Nixon can fire John Huff. As the resolution clearly states, Governor Nixon has named John Huff as the chairman of the Health Insurance Exchange Establishment Coordinating Committee as well as other state department heads.

Governor Nixon’s hand-picked leader was about to have a group – of which that hand-picked leader is a member and which more than half of the group’s members is regulated by that hand-picked leader – pass a resolution accepting $21 million of federal funds to establish the Obamacare health insurance exchange in Missouri in total disregard of the legislature’s rejection of the exchange.  Some deny this was the intent.  You can decide for yourself by reading the resolution, which is provided at the end of this post.

On Friday we mass-emailed our members and placed on our blog (URGENT – Stop Obamacare in Missouri!) a call to action to tell the Governor not to sign any Executive Order establishing the Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange.  Many did so and were told the Governor had no intention of signing an executive order to do so.

I believe that to be an accurate statement considering the extreme fallout and pushback he has received as a result of the proposed actions of his hand-picked leader and the MHIP board.

Despite the Governor’s denial that he had any intentions of ignoring the vote of the 71.1% voting to approve Proposition C, MHIP and Mr. Huff would not have taken the actions they were prepared to take without his tacit approval.  If that is not the case, then we should expect that Mr. Huff will be without a job on Monday if not sooner!

Below: MHIP resolution to accept $21 million federal grant to establish the Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange (h/t Reboot Congress)