Tuesday is the long awaited day. Lots of time, sweat, tears and dollars all come to bear as most voting Americans go to the polls to determine the course of our country and state. United for Missouri does not endorse candidates but the choices nationally and statewide are clear.

United for Missouri does endorse issues. We have already provided detailed information on all the issues and you can read about them here. Here’s a summary of those issues.

YES on Amendment 3 – Judicial Reform
This is probably one of the most misunderstood measures on the ballot. Missouri’s judicial selction process needs some changes. Amendment 3 doesn’t go far enough but it is an improvement over the existing process controlled by the trial bar. Unfortunately the Secretary of State’s ballot language is misleading and confuses many. It’s my hope enough people vote YES on Amendment 3 to indicate to the legislature that judicial reform is important even if Amendment 3 is not the reform they want.

YES on Proposition A – Return Local Control of the St Louis Police Department to the citizens of St Louis
Lot’s of disinformation about this proposition but it is a fundamental conservative principle. Some voters outside of St Louis don’t understand why they are voting for it. Once they find out they have “title” to the St Louis Police Department they are ready to give it back!

It is interesting to read the history of a democrat controlled legislature taking away the police department from the republican controlled St Louis City at the beginning of the Civil War. Now it is primarily republicans who don’t want to give the police department back to the democrat controlled St Louis City. Let’s look at some of the facts regarding the record of state control of the St Louis Police Department:

1. Regularly reported by the FBI as the #1 or 2 crime city in the country.
2. State taxpayers paid for defense and liability claims against the St Louis Metropolitan Police Department (STLMPD) – over $6m between FY06-FY10. Courts have found in numerous cases that the STLMPD is a state agency since they are controlled by a state appointed board and that the state has the obligation to pay. (Office of Administration)
3. City taxpayers have been paying $3.5m/yr in duplicated services such as HR, IT, etc. – wasted, unnecessary spending a result of state control. (State Auditor Fiscal Note 11-75)
4. One-third of the City budget is controlled and spent by the state. The City cannot become more efficient when it doesn’t control 1/3 of its budget.
5. The state controlled board of police commissioners negotiated and signed a collective bargaining agreement that included fair share. This should be challenged by an officer who is forced to pay it as there is a legal question about requiring fair share on public employees who are the only employees in the state that have right-to-work provisions.
6. Evidence has been presented that the State controlled board of police commissioners has a record of corruption. No evidence has been given to support the allegations that the City of St Louis is corrupt commensurate with the Pendergast/Daley machines.

Additional consideration: 70% of the voters of St Louis City voted that they wanted their Police Department back.

Local control is a Jeffersonian principle and a YES on Proposition A supports that principle!

NO on Proposition B – Tobacco Tax
The proponents of Proposition B have mastered the art of deceptive advertising. They claim big tobacco opposes Proposition B in an attempt to incite voters to vote yes. Problem is big tobacco has stayed on the sidelines because Proposition B will benefit them by taxing little tobacco. The proponents also claim that the proposition guarantees funding for the items in the measure. It doesn’t. No statute can bind future legislatures when it comes to appropriations. Proposition B (for BAD) is a deceptive attempt at social engineering through taxation that will result in less money not more. Vote NO on Proposition B!

YES on Proposition E – Healthcare Exchange
Proposition E is a straightforward measure. A yes vote simply says that the Governor an un-elected bureaucrats cannot establish any healthcare exchange unless the legislature or the people vote to allow it. Yes on Proposition E!