We have been doing a series focusing on the four statewide ballot issues that all voters will see on November 6, 2012. Today we cover the last of the four – Proposition E Healthcare Exchange.

The debacle known as the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare brought about many bad things. The Obamacare war is far from over. States, including Missouri are fighting back against this federal overreach.

Missouri was first in the nation to challenge Obamacare in passing Proposition C in August of 2010. 71% of Missouri voters said they rejected Obamacare’s individual mandate.

The next assault on Obamacare came in the form of the mandated healthcare insurance exchange. The House actually passed a healthcare exchange in the 2011 session. Many representative were convinced that it was better than having the Federal government implement an exchange for Missouri. The bill went to the Senate and ran into problems. Information became available that the Obamacare bill did say the feds could implement a healthcare exchange in any state that did not establish one by January 2014 but that provision was not funded. The Senate didn’t like the contents of the House bill and it died.

You would think that would be the end of story but you would be wrong. A backdoor approach was attempted to establishing the exchange since the legislature didn’t do it.

In a convoluted approach, the Missouri Health Insurance Pool (MHIP) – an appointed gubernatorial commission led by the director of the Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration who is also appointed by the Governor – attempted to accept a grant of $21 million which would have laid the foundation for the healthcare exchange even though the legislature had rejected it. You can read more detail about that attempt here.

After this attempt was foiled, other attempts were made. The latest was the addition of a $50 million grant to upgrade Medicaid computer systems. Grant documents made it clear that this was to lay the foundation for the Obamacare Exchange. Thanks to emails from many of our members, the House beat back the attempted addition and the Senate removed it!

Now voters have the opportunity to put a nail in the coffin of all the backdoor attempts to establish the healthcare exchange by voting YES on Proposition E. Proposition E prohibits the establishment of any healthcare exchange unless it is by a vote of the legislature or the people. That’s the way it should be not by the Governor or un-elected bureaucrats!

United for Missouri recommends you vote YES on Proposition E!