In an earlier post, Who Isn’t Against Animal Cruelty? But Proposition B Is Not the Answer, we had a number of commentors tell us how awful we were for putting financial considerations ahead of animal health and well-being.  The irony in these accusations is that the proponents of Proposition B are using financial means to drive legitimate, licensed breeders out of business for which there has been no denial, plausible or otherwise.  Breeders who do take into consideration their animals’ health and well-being.

Everyone should understand at least this one thing about Proposition B: IT DOES NOT AFFECT PEOPLE WHO ARE ALREADY OPERATING OUTSIDE THE LAW!

The truth is, Proposition B has nothing to do with animal welfare but has everything to do with animal rights.  A distinct difference exists between the two and both have financial consequences as well as consequences for the animals Proposition B purports to protect.

Licensed breeders in Missouri are required to provide for the welfare of their stock.  Not only are there standards set by U.S. Department of Agriculture and the State of Missouri, but business practices dictate that you produce a good, healthy product for the market to stay in business.  Puppy millers on the other hand are out to make a quick buck, move around and change names, etc.  Proposition B does nothing to stop the current illegal activity of this group of outlaws.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the real agenda behind Proposition B by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Unfortunately, they have been able to convince many well-intentioned people that they are “for animal welfare,” when they are really for animal rights. One need only look at measures they put into place in other states.

  • A ballot initiative in Florida prohibits the crating of mother pigs as “cruel and inhumane” treatment. This was sold as Proposition B is being sold, to eliminate this “barbaric” practice.  The only problem is, mother pigs are crated so they don’t roll over and kill their piglets! The pork industry in Florida is pretty much gone, taking the jobs it created along with it.
  • Proposition 2 in California sets up similar regulations for layers (chickens).  Although the proposition doesn’t go into full affect until 2015, egg producers and the jobs they produce are leaving California.  Egg prices have risen 60% already.

According to legitimate, licensed breeders, Proposition B actually reduces current animal care laws. For example, Proposition B calls for sufficient food and water to be provided.  Current law requires 2 feedings per day.  Proposition B requires only 1.

God forbid that the dogs have a piece of dog food stuck to their face and then get a drink of water where the piece of dog food falls into the water! The breeder is then subject to a Class C misdemeanor crime of cruelty!

Make no mistake about it, if all or even a majority of the nearly 1,500 licensed dog breeders in the state are put out of business because of the ineffective, unnecessary, puppy endangering regulations contained in Proposition B, the economy of Missouri will be impacted!  And sadly, those who are the real “puppy millers” will still be practicing their illegal trade.

The picture selected to accompany this blog posting was purposefully chosen.  It represents the many well-intentioned, active animal rescuers who have been deceived into thinking that Proposition B will lessen their animal rescue activities and take care of the animals they genuinely care so much about.

Proposition B is not the answer to “puppy millers.”  It is the answer for driving legitimate, licensed businesses out of business. In fact it’s not only the wrong answer, it’s not even a good guess!