Underscoring his belief that government can spend our money better and more wisely than we can, Governor Jay Nixon vetoed House Bill (HB) 253 – the first state income tax cut in almost 100 years.  He has since engaged in a propaganda campaign designed to deceive and bully Missourians into not supporting a veto override.  Missourians deserve better from the Governor!

The Governor and his big government spending supporters are trying to convince Missourians that the world will end if state income taxes for everyone who pays them are cut in an extremely modest way over the next 5-10 years.  Interestingly enough, some of these supporters such as the Crony Capitalists – er, I mean the Civic Council – of Kansas City don’t even live in Missouri. However, their businesses benefit from the most significant drain on Missouri’s budget – tax credits.

Fearing that tactic to deceive will not be enough, Governor Nixon has employed the bullying tactic of withholding of funds from areas that have or he thinks will have a vocal outcry. Actually he knows most of them will because they always do.

Take school district superintendents for example. They are forwarding the Governor’s “the world is ending” email to legislators asking them what they are going to do about it. Yogi Beara said it best, “This is deja vu all over again”.

Ten years ago, Governor Bob Holden immediately withheld $240 million from education that the General Assembly had passed citing his belief that revenues would not support the increase in the budget.  In his defense, we did not agree to a Consensus Revenue Estimate (CRE) that year and he at least had some excuse for making his inaccurate projection.

As budget chair, I traveled the state demonstrating that our projections were being supported nearly to the penny to superintendents.  In nearly every meeting one of them would say, “we would like to believe you but we have to stick with the Governor”.  It was an excellent example of the Stockholm Syndrome.  They and the others whose budgets are being unconstitutionally withheld are hostages of the Governor but are defending his indefensible actions.

Many of the same people went around telling school districts that “the world was coming to an end” that are doing so now such as the Governor’s Budget Director Linda Luebbering and lobbyist Jim Moody. They and others were wrong then and they are wrong now.  The revenue projections we made regarding the budget we passed in 2003 were met and slightly exceeded. Governor Holden had to release the money!

Governor Nixon is doing the same today.  He is making claims that are demonstrably false and lacking in full detail.

For example, he fails to mention that the state ended up with a surplus of revenue collections that meet or exceed his withholdings. These are not funds that were planned for in support of the FY2014 budget.  His hostages however, defend him.

Governor Nixon also uses the ruse that the Marketplace Fairness Act will greatly impact the state if passed by Congress.  This act would actually increase state revenues after the first year through the collection of on-line sales taxes and was supported by Governor Nixon.  However, everyone including Governor Nixon knows this measure is DOA in the US House. Deception from the Governor again.

There are many other false or half-truth statements being made by the Governor and his big government spending supporters which we will deal with in the coming weeks.

We will continue to show that there is absolutely no reason for the Missouri General Assembly not to override the Governor’s faulty veto of HB253 – the first state income tax in almost 100 years!

Missourians deserve it.

Missourians can spend their money much more effectively than state government could ever begin to think about doing.