It’s all said and done for this election except the Monday morning quarterbacking. I’ll post a blog about the outcome of the issues later today. All-in-all the outcome on them was right on target.

As I’ve been reading various thoughts on the outcome of the Presidential race, many are very angry and bitter. I understand that. While President Obama failed to capture a mandate he did capture the victory. Contrary to the calls of the Obama supporters, we cannot afford to stand down and let him complete his mission of making America just another nation in the world during his second term. I know that I won’t be doing that.

One of the best comments I have read this morning from a Missouri perspective comes from Senator-elect Ed Emery. Ed is a great person and sincere public servant. I want to share Ed’s post with you. I hope it serves as an encouragement to continue fighting for what is right.

Post from Senator-elect Ed Emery:

Thanks for the victory!!!

Rebecca and I thank all who voted for my election to the Missouri State Senate and who worked so hard to win the hearts and minds of District 31 voters who love liberty and accept the personal accountability to which it is attached.

My pledge continues to be to protect you from bad government not promise you largess from it. My oath in taking my seat in the State Senate is to support the constitution. For the republic to survive, that must the highest measure of public service. As you supported us with your vote, please pray for me and all elected officials in fulfilling the demands of our offices.

On the matter of the presidential election – what a disappointment. We are living in a new America which is the old socialism. The most failed leader in our history was re-elected last night against reason and every predictive anecdote.

After surviving four years of fewer jobs, higher debt, increasing energy costs, and more government, we must now brace for four more. Our republic is built on the democratic principle that we rise and fall together according to the right or wrong choices of the electorate. Americans who are not already dependent on the government will take up the fight for freedom as before. With a term-limited office-holder, the battle lines will be redrawn, but the battle is the same: individual liberty and economic freedom or central planning and autocracy.

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” – the Apostle Paul to Timothy