Governor Nixon and members of his administration continue to dig a deeper hole. As the old saying goes, they should put down the shovel!

For weeks, the Nixon administration has denied anything untoward was going on regarding the collection, retention and sharing of our personal data. We now know that was factually incorrect!

Hearings by the Senate Appropriations Committee have revealed a string of misleading statements and outright lies from the Nixon Administration. The biggest lie is that they are not complying with REAL ID. When one looks at the facts, it’s not difficult to see that it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck it’s pretty much a duck!

Some want to make the issue all about “black helicopters” and “gun paranoia” concerning Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) holders. Problem is the issue far exceeds anything related to CCW.

Watch the discussion on the Jaco Report from yesterday.

The Nixon administration continues to evade and avoid the truth. Last week it was revealed that there had not been one or two releases of CCW holder names but that the list was actually put up on a website for the federal government to access. The highway patrol didn’t do it. the Department of Revenue didnt’ do it. The Office of Administration (OA) Information Technology did it without any authorization to do so!

The password for this website was part of an email that was received by the committee. The House investigators attempted to log on to the website and the portal was still active – long after the site was supposed to be down.

In an almost comedic reaction, OA told the Speaker of the House they planned to do an investigation of unauthorized access to the unauthorized site. So in retaliation for being investigated for the violation of state laws, the Nixon administration is attempting to intimidate legislators. What a joke!

The other thing the Nixon administration wants people to believe is that this is strictly political. Most Missourians don’t think that violation of a state law that was meant to protect the privacy of Missourians as being political. Most think it is criminal!

Speaker Tim Jones has appointed a special investigative commission to look further into the violation of state law. It’s an unusual action required by the stonewalling and ignoring of the concerns of Missourians over the DOR scandal.

Go to and let the Governor know you demand better from the top elected official of the state!