One of the local issues United for Missouri became involved in was the Mehlville Public Schools Proposition C tax levy increase.  Many of the supporters of the measure, most of whom posted anonymously, didn’t like the fact we pointed out it was 25% levy increase or that the Board of Education (BOE) offered a nearly identical percentage increase to the Superintendent’s salary or the fact that the BOE failed to make the case of why Proposition C was even needed during these tough economic times. Whether with one, some or all of the above issues the voters agreed and decisively voted against Proposition C.

We have suggested that the BOE actually have a process that involves the community and results in something they can support and not one that produces the answer the board wants.  Those involved in the process didn’t like that suggestion either.  The BOE might also want to consider the economics of their patrons and put only what is absolutely necessary on the next ballot proposal.

The voters of the district sent a loud message to the BOE. The question is, will they be Harry Reid in their response or will they actually listen? You can bet the patrons of the Mehlville Public School District will be watching! and so will we!