Despite the “end of the world as we know it” scare tactic scenarios painted by big government, public sector unions and their shills in the business community, Proposition A – Let Voters Decide won decisively with a 68.4% YES vote!  It even won in the place that fought the hardest, Kansas City, with a 52% YES vote!  Kansas Citians didn’t buy what their Mayor, City Council and public sector unions were selling when it came to Proposition A!

Not to worry though, a city council member and candidate for Kansas City Mayor, Deb Hermann has diagnosed the problem with you people in Kansas City:

“People are not as informed as they need to be,” said Hermann, who has talked about how crucial the earnings tax is to the city’s budget.

That’s an interesting gambit from someone who wants to be the Mayor.  Call your constituents ignorant and uneducated.  We will watch closely to see if that works for her and Senator McCaskill who made a similar comment after 71%+ voted for Proposition C in August.

What was really disappointing is that some business groups jumped on board the “end of the world as we know it” train without doing due diligence, and without checking out the false and distorted claims of the opposition.  If the members of those groups in Kansas City and St. Louis made their business decisions the same way, they wouldn’t be in business. They let the paid staff of the organizations, who apparently are very lazy when it comes to fact checking and doing any original research, make recommendations without much challenge.

If the business community had required a real business analysis, they would have not let these organizations like the Kansas City Chamber, Kansas City Civic Council, St. Louis RCGA and FOCUS St. Louis make the claims they did in communications with members.  They may still have not supported Proposition A, but they would have done so from a “it creates a lot of unknowns” position rather than the falsehoods they foisted on those with which they communicated. Poor staff work has made these business leaders look very bad.

For example, rather than do any analysis of the issue, these “business” groups drank, and some even stirred, the Kool-Aid, that if voters sunset the earnings tax in Kansas City and St. Louis that there are no alternatives.  Drastic and cataclysmic cuts and layoffs will be mandated. While it wasn’t a winning phrase I’ll use it anyway, I’m gonna call bull on that!

In St. Louis, a 368-page report exists containing any number of alternatives to the earnings tax. While I don’t think all are ones that United for Missouri could support, there are sufficient ideas to offset the earnings tax over the 10 years that it would be phased out. Rather than resort to falsehoods of “no alternatives,” update the report, present alternatives to people, let them decide and then get to work.

The same type of study could be done in Kansas City with similar results.  The problem is, none of these people seem to be interested in implementing real change.  They just want to protect their fiefdoms and play the starring “woe is me” role.

Unfortunately, as the good citizens of St. Louis and Kansas City approach the vote in April, they will be regaled with the “end of the world as we know it” scenarios.  They are very much unlikely to be presented with real alternatives from the officials who they have elected to represent them. Instead, we will continue to see public sector unions that have their hands in the taxpayers’ pockets ranting and raving, big government elected officials continuing to misrepresent choices and some in the business community pandering to those who have the power to approve projects or give special tax treatment to them. All of these group will be taking the road most, not least, taken.

The good news is, the people will expose them sooner rather than later!