Missouri is in the doldrums regarding economic performance.  Our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ranked 48th in the last decade with only Michigan and Ohio behind us.  They are doing everything they can to pass us up!

Opponents of necessary reforms such as tax reform and employee freedom point out that Missouri ranks very low on most measures of taxation.  They claim for example that if taxes were really important, that Missouri should be booming.  They ignore the fact that one element in and of itself does not make for economic success.

Opponents are starting to admit that there is no silver bullet solution.  It’s probably to optimistic to think that   they will actually put together the fact that you need tax reform and employee freedom.  But you know what they say, even a blind hog finds an acorn once and awhile!

Wednesday, the House committee on Workforce Development and Workplace Safety Committee will hear House Bill 77  dealing with Employee Freedom.  There will be a committee substitute dropped to remove the orginail proposal to send the measure to a vote.  This is something the legislature can and should do.

Our friends at Missouri First are providing their usual service to give all of us the opportunity to turn in a witness form in support of the bill whether we can attend or not.  I encourage you to take advantage of this service and fill out the generic witness form as outlined below.

You can make a difference!


Did you know that the Missouri has “Employee Freedom” in the state Constitution?

That’s right, Article I, Section 29  says, “That employees shall have the right to organize and to bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing.”

Properly applied, that means even if 99% of the employees at a company choose to form the XYZ Union, the other 1% (or any individual) still has the right to choose someone else — including themselves — to represent them.  The Constitution declares an individual’s right to either join the union or refrain from joining the union a majority of his coworkers formed.

So why is Missouri not considered a “Employee Freedom” state?

It’s because our state legislature has thus far failed to do their duty to protect the rights of Missouri workers from an unconstitutional federal law from 1935 (The National Labor Relations Act, aka “Wagner Act”).

That will change if  HB 77 (Rep. Eric Burlison) becomes law.

Commonly known as  “Employment Freedom”, this bill will have a public hearing in the Workforce Development and Workplace Safety Committee on Wednesday, Feb. 6th.

Although polls indicate most union members don’t think anyone should be forced to join a union, their leadership will fight this bill tooth and nail!

Your help is needed!

Please either attend this hearing or, if you can’t make it, fill out an online witness form which will be presented with hundreds of others at the hearing.  Include your own comments on the form.

Witness Form Links for HB 77 (Employee Freedom in Missouri)

Generic Witness Form: Click for Witness Form

Workforce Development and Workplace Safety CommitteeBill Lant, Chair


Date:  Wednesday, Feb 6
Time:  8:00 a.m.
Room:  HR 5 (basement of Missouri Capitol)

Please fill this form out now and pass this email on to as many friends as you can!

For Liberty,

Ron Calzone