The deed is done. The vote has been taken. Republicans and Democrats alike have voted to increase taxes AND spending. Those voting for the version of HR8 that passed betrayed America and the middle class it was supposedly to protect.

The bill that was passed is the biggest tax increase in 20 years. Some might say that would be OK because they got spending cuts in return. Hah! In return for the biggest tax increase in 20 years they also voted for spending increases – NOT SPENDING CUTS!

But not to worry. I’m reading several, especially from Republicans, press releases today where those voting for this shameful debacle are claiming it’s a “tax cut for the middle class”. That’s a load of bovine fecal matter!

The “tax cut for the middle class” or “saving the middle class” argument is such an obvious farcical statement that it boggles the mind. It just goes to show how dumb those in Washington think the voters are. Can you blame them for thinking that though after seeing the results of the last election?

We had several Missouri elected officials who decided it’s better and easier to cast a vote that might help them get re-elected than to do what is right for Americans and Missourians which is usually a hard thing to do and might require explanation. Here’s how the Missouri delegation voted:

McCaskill – Yes
Blunt – Yes

Clay – Yes
Akin – No
Carnahan – Yes
Hartzler – No
Cleaver – Yes
Graves – Absent
Long – No
Emerson – Yes
Luetkemeyer – Yes

A Yes vote was not about saving the middle class or anything else that was worthwhile to America. It was all about special interests and getting good press coverage for being able to “compromise” so they could have a better shot at getting re-elected. Compromise can be good when done without compromising fundamental principles. On that score Washington and several Missouri members of Congress get an “F”.

A Yes vote was a failure to represent what was best for Missouri and the Nation!