As we watch the demagoguery unfold before our eyes in Washington concerning the extension of the current tax policy, we are reminded why voters made such drastic changes on November 2, 2010.  However, we must be vigilant that Republicans do not forget that their election victory was not so much about them being more trustworthy than it was that they weren’t the “other guys.”  This is the time they can show they really understand what voters said on November 2!

Democrats continue to show they don’t get the fact that most Americans rejected their failed policies.  They can’t seem to understand that in two short years they have created a bigger mess than they were left!  According to their thinking, we were fooled and just didn’t understand how they were making our country better!  We understand what they were doing, and we understand that it was bad, not good!

So now comes the time they are taking their last gasp as a “majority,” especially in the House.  We have a lot of whiners like Rep Weiner (D-NY) who apparently  fancies himself as a protectorate of the failed policies; except in his mind, they aren’t failed, we are just ignorant.  No word if he and Sen. McCaskill shared notes about pitchforks or “message received, we didn’t explain well enough.”  “Tax cuts for the rich” is the mantra further demonstrating that they are masters of class warfare, but nothing else except debt accumulators.

The original compromise between President Owebama and the congressional Republicans was bad enough.  Extending the current tax policies to avoid a tax increase for everyone — especially job creators, or, in this economy, job retainers — is extremely important.  In order to get that, congressional Republicans agreed to an extension of unemployment benefits increasing the deficit.  That is a bad enough deal, but the tax policy extension is for two years, not permanent. They also let the federal government assert its claim on our hard work when we die by allowing a partial reinstatement of the death tax.

Not an ideal agreement ,but with this administration’s track record of job losses, the two-year window on the tax policy extention will be sure to expire when the economy is still suffering under Owebama’s lack of leadership and during his attempt to fool people into re-electing him.  All in all out, tough to swallow, but we could get that down with some trouble.

Then comes the Democrats and perhaps some Republicans adding on pork on top of pork on top of pork.  Dragging out their wish lists in order to buy their vote for an already questionable deal.  We should remember one thing, if your vote has to be bought, you shouldn’t be in Congress or anywhere else that requires adult decision makers!

It would be better to let the tax policy extension die in the lame duck than to swallow a boat load of pork projects further exacerbating the deficit.  If Republicans go along with such a pork-laden deal, it will clearly demonstrate that they didn’t get the message any more than Sen. McCaskill has gotten it.

It would be better to take the extension up in January when the new Republican majority is in control in the House and people like Rep. Whiner, er I mean Weiner, is relegated to an even more irrelevant position.  This will be the true test of whether Republicans get it or not.  They should stand up to any attempts made by the Senate on pork and get it done.

There is plenty of incentive for both sides to get this done without loading a lot more debt beyond the unemployment extension to it.  If they don’t, everyone gets a tax increase, which will further kill the economy, and there will be no unemployment extension.

It’s time the kids in Washington to get serious about governing and stop looking at the next election!