Good stuff from the folks over at CainTV. I hope all my legislative friends – and those who may not think they are my legislative friends – watch this video. It will make you a better legislator!!

Politics: An excellent campaign post-mortem from Bill Whittle

Published by: Robert Laurie on Friday November 23rd, 2012

By ROBERT LAURIE – Wouldn’t it be nice to have a real conservative run for President?

If you haven’t heard of Bill Whittle, he’s a blogger and host of “Afterburner with Bill Whittle” over at Pajamas Media. He’s sharp as a tack, accurate, and powerful emerging conservative voice. Despite what he says in this video, there are rumors swirling that, fed up with the GOP’s “conservative light” candidates, he’s eyeing a 2016 run. We’ll see if that turns out to be anything more that speculation, but there are an awful lot of people hoping it is.

At any rate, this speech was given the weekend of November 15th Palm Beach Florida. It serves as an absolutely excellent post-mortem of the Romney campaign, and a bit of wish-fulfillment for Conservatives desperate for a “real” candidate.

Imagine if we had a nominee who sounded like this…