Governor Nixon has been struggling with trying to get people to forget all about the fact their personal data is being scanned, retained and shared with others. Missourians are not willing to accpet the ever changing stories given to them by the Governor and his administration because they know the truth is yet to be found.

United for Missouri has documented many of the various story lines the Nixon administration has trotted out to see if they would work. You can read about many of them here.

You can also find videos and numerous links and documented evidence regarding the ever changing scandal story at

Governor Nixon has now moved on from denial to trying to make the problem go away without fixing it. He has fired, er, I mean the Director of Revenue resigned – scandal didn’t go away. The Govenernor and his people had to figure something else out.

I can imagine the conversation going something like,

Staffer: “Wait – I’ve got it! It’s all the gun nuts that are the problem. We will tell them we aren’t going to scan their CCW certificates and they will be happy! We will still collect all the data necessary to comply with the REAL ID act but hey, we aren’t scanning their CCW certificate!”

Governor: “Brilliant! Let’s do it and move on.”

So the Governor issued a decree that Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) certificates would not be scanned. This led many, including those in the press, to think and report that no documents would be scanned for CCW applicants. That was a false impression and report! Here’s the facts:


Governor Nixon could avoid a lot of this, in his own words, kerfuffle if he would simply come out and tell Missourians what they deserve to know.

Missourians deserve to know that their data will no longer be scanned. There is no state law authorizing it and no deparment rule to implement it.

Missourians deserve to know how their state government is going to destroy data already collected and what evidence will be presented to them that demonstrates it has actually been destroyed.

Missourians deserve to know who will be taken to task for this violation of privacy and intent of the state laws on the books! The resignation of the Director of Revenue who had only been there for five or so months is not the answer. The problem is, one or more of the offenders are FOJ’s (Friend of Jay’s) and are unlikely to be punished for their misdeeds.

Finally, Missourians deserve to know that they have a Governor that they can trust to be honest and in touch with what is going on in his administration. A Governor that takes charge and responsiblity for those actions.

So far, Missourians are getting nothing they deserve!

Go to and let the Governor know you demand better from the top elected official of the state!