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Don’t let people fool you – House Bill 1329 is a tax increase! It will implement a tax that does not exist. At this time, nearly 123,000 people will receive a “taxes due” notice retroactively after already paying the existing state use tax. They will definitely tell you that it’s a tax increase.

Those who say it is not a tax increase point to the fact that it was recently collected up until the time the Supreme Court ruled the tax unconstitutional and that they are merely reinstating it. But the fact is they are creating a new tax, not re-instituting a tax.

The Missouri Constitution Article X, section 10(a) prohibits the legislature from establishing a local tax without a vote of the local people. House Bill 1329 is a violation of the state constitution and violates the US Constitution’s Interstate Commerce Clause as it is currently written. It’s an up or down vote. The bill cannot be repaired in veto session.

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