This weekends tea party events across the nation signaled that rather than going away or subsiding, the anger and action against bigger government represented by the Owebama administration is not going away or subsiding.  The left knows this so they use diversionary tactics to try to drown out the message that you can do something about big government spending and spenders!

The Tea Party movement frustrates the left.  It’s not a political party that can be attacked although the left and some opportunist want to make it one.  It’s not even an “organization” that has a head that can be chopped off or vilified or otherwise discredited although the left and opportunist have tried that too.

But the most frustrating part for the left is that “tea partiers” look like America, discusses the issues important to Americans and most frustrating for the left, they connect with most Americans .  Traveling across the state, I meet a boat load of different people.  Many have not been to tea party or any political event for that matter.  However, they do recognize and agree that what they hear about the “tea party” movement is something that they mostly agree with, BIG GOVERNMENT IS BAD FOR JOBS AND THE ECONOMY!

So, what’s the pro Big Government leftists to do when they lose the battle? They distort, they misreport and, gasp, they lie about the tea party and people who go to events like yesterday’s 9/12 event.

They think that by misrepresenting the words said, the people in attendance (even sending in disruptors to pretend to be tea partiers but they are easily exposed) and repeating falsehoods over and over they can somehow defeat the message BIG GOVERNMENT IS BAD FOR JOBS AND

THE ECONOMY.  It’s obvious it’s working.  The President’s and Congerss’ approval ratings are at record levels, low levels that is.  People from all works of life see that the current rendition of “I’m from the government and I”m here to help” is working no better than it ever has, which is to say never!

It’s not working for the leftists, Big Government proponents because people know this “hope and change” deal they may have bought into was really “big and bigger government” which leads to less freedom for all of us.  We have great spokesman for the cause like Roger Hedgecock

Roger Hedgecock stops by the United for Missouri booth.

who is taking his nationally syndicated show across the country to expose the truth and those who don’t tell it!

But the best and often the brightest spokes people are those who think they can’t speak but do so in volumes.  Whether its attending rallies, writing letters or making phone calls.  They speak clearly and articulately whether they think so or not.

How is that? Because they are the ones who have never been engaged before.  They have never taken up a cause and stood on the street corners or talked to their neighbors about such issues.  They are the ones who the left think they can most easily discourage and dissuade from carrying on standing up to them.

Message to leftist and “big government is the answer” supportersthis uprising is not going away, even after November 2, 2010 or November 6, 2012.  You and your un-American big government policies have awakened the sleeping giant.  Now that we are awake, we will be up for quite some time!