Senator McCaskill continues to falsify her record in campaign commercials. She claims to be fighting for Missouri. She’s even proud of her failing grade of 50!

The problem for the Senator should be that as people find out about her real record they know she is not standing up for Missouri. Despite her false claims to the contrary, she has never demonstrated her willingness to stand up against the President OR her party when her vote actually made a difference! She apparently did’t realize how bad off she was when she asked a crowd “what’s a matter, don’t you trust me?” and the resoundingly said “NO”! And they were right not to do so!!!

As we detailed in We Have Our Answer – Senator McCaskill IS a Soldier in Obama’s War on Coal! she is more than happy to tell us one thing back home but then do another in DC. She took this action knowing full well that it would adversely affect energy costs back in Missouri and cost Missouri jobs.

Fortunately for Missouri and the rest of the country, the US House has voted to protect us. It’s just too bad we couldn’t count on OUR US Senator Claire McCaskill to do the same!

House Votes to Stop Obama’s War on Coal

2012 Written by Phil Kerpen

The House has voted 233 to 175 to stop Obama’s War on Coal. There were 214 Republicans joined by 13 Democrats who voted to stand up for coal and affordable electricity. The 13 Democrats deserve kudos for standing up to Obama. They were:

Altmire D PA
Barrow D GA
Berkley D NV
Bishop (GA) D GA
Boren D OK
Boswell D IA
Chandler D KY
Costa D CA
Costello D IL
Critz D PA
Cuellar D TX
Donnelly (IN) D IN
Holden D PA
Kissell D NC
Loebsack D IA
Matheson D UT
McIntyre D NC
Peterson D MN
Rahall D WV

There were 162 Democrats and 19 Republicans who voted no. They voted not to stand up to Obama’s economically destructive war on coal and the president’s promise to make electricity prices “necessarily skyrocket.” The Republicans were:

Bass (NH) R NH
Bilbray R CA
Dold R IL
Fitzpatrick R PA
Gibson R NY
Hayworth R NY
Johnson (IL) R IL
LoBiondo R NJ
Reichert R WA
Rigell R VA
Smith (NJ) R NJ
Wittman R VA
Wolf R VA

American Commitment activists have now sent over 100,000 letters and emails to Congress through urging an end to the War on Coal.

We commend the House for doing the right thing, but the failure of the Senate to act makes clear that the future of affordable, reliable electricity depends on electing a new president who will end the War on Coal, a new Senate willing to stand up to out of control regulators, or both.