Today is the second anniversary of a national tragedy – the passage of Obamacare. On Monday, March 26, oral arguments are scheduled to be made before the Supreme Court against this take over of our health care system and trampling of states’ rights. But Missourians have not rolled over and played dead! Quite the opposite: Missourians stood up first in the nation to fire the shot heard round the world. We rejected the notion of Obamacare in August 2010 by giving a resounding 71.1% “Hell No!” vote in passing Proposition C. Today, the battle continues.

You and almost a thousand other grassroots activists have influenced the House to hear Senate Bill 464, which prohibits the governor and unelected bureaucrats from establishing the Obamacare Insurance Exchange without an act of the legislature or our vote. Senate Bill 464 will be heard in the House Health Insurance Committee at noon Tuesday, March 27, in Hearing Room 5. You made a difference!

This past Wednesday, we alerted you (The Day of Obamacare Insurance Exchange – Take Action Now!) to the fact that the Obamacare Insurance Exchange had been prominent in the Missouri Legislature this week. An amendment was offered in the Senate to establish the exchange without a full vetting of the issue. It was defeated!

We also provided you an opportunity to weigh in with your state representatives, to let them know you expected them to prohibit the Governor and unelected bureaucrats from bypassing them (or us). Almost a thousand of you have responded, and your impact was tremendously successful!

I heard from many state representatives about your input and its impact. The committee chairman also reported hearing from many of you and his colleagues regarding the hearing. He reports that he intends to conduct a review of the oral arguments for and against Obamacare from the Supreme Court at the hearing. I have asked him to vote SB464 out as-is, so it can go directly to the people in the November election.

Representative Tim Jones, a long-time advocate against this federal takeover of our health care system and its usurpation of states’ rights, has been asked to carry the bill in the House. Representative Jones is the House Floor Leader, and hopefully that will be helpful in making sure this bill moves along in a timely fashion.

Rather than this being a day of national mourning over the abusive Obamacare act, grassroots activists all across Missouri and the nation are fighting back! If you haven’t weighed in yet on Senate Bill 464, there is still time. Send your state representative the message that you support Senate Bill 464 by clicking here.