Some of you may recall the playground game for choosing sides for baseball games. One of the players grabs the bat at the bottom, then a player from the other side grabs the bat above the first player’s hand and so on until they reach the top of the bat. The one left holding the bat is said to have the ‘upper hand’ and gets to go first choosing players for their team. That game is an apt description of the economic policy of Missouri and Kansas toward each other over the years. At least until this year!

After a long period of big government Governors democrat and republican, Kansas now has a Governor that means business when it comes to making Kansas competitive not only with Missouri but nationally. Kansas’ tax reform measure enacted this year means they are leaving Missouri in the minor leagues while they move on to the major leagues.

So far, the indication is that Missouri is still holding on to the bat wondering what happened to the other team. We will see when the legislature convenes whether or not they are willing to stay in the pee wee league or move up.

That’s kinda the message in this clever video. Enjoy and then ask your legislator what they are going to do about moving Missouri to the major leagues of tax reform!