News reports indicate that former state representative Jeff Roorda (D-Barnhart) has been hired by the St Louis Police Officer’s Association (POA) to represent them in the local control issue.  It’s an interesting turn of events demonstrating several things, not the least of which is it is a good thing to be a Friend of Jay (FOJ)!

It wasn’t long ago that the Governor gave Roorda a place to land after he lost his state representative re-election campaign.  The Beacon reports

“Just a few weeks ago, Roorda — an ally of Gov. Jay Nixon — had been hired to a state job as a Special Assistant to the Director of Public Safety. Roorda is leaving to take his new job with the police group.”

This makes the governor’s comment that he was fearful of “political meddling” under local control look somewhat shallow. We have an FOJ getting hired to admittedly politically meddle.  I’ve read the “reasons” Roorda was hired by the POA, but they don’t seem to really match-up with facts at City Hall or Jefferson City.

It seems plausible that the best reason to hire an FOJ is to make sure the governor has some cover as a reward for his statement about keeping the state’s 150-year control over the police department. On the other hand, what does the POA gain by hiring a former state representative who refused to apologize for calling Tea Party patriots a derogatory name on the floor of the Missouri House?

Regardless of how many FOJ’s the POA hires, the grassroots across the state clearly understand that local control is the right way to go!