As I’ve written previously, the one legitimate question raised in the local control discussion has been about the pension plan.  The pension plan has been protected from the beginning in House Bill 71 and Senate Bill 23.  The city can’t change it and won’t control it as clearly stated by expert legal testimony played here Local Control: It’s About Pensions – Really?.

The sponsors have been very open and inviting to solicit stronger language from the opponents if that would satisfy the alleged issue of “pensions,” despite the fact they are already protected from the clutches of those evil city elected officials.  In fact, Senator Keaveny is strengthening the language anyway to accommodate concerns.  Doesn’t matter how many times the Trojan horse of what is happening to firefighters’ pension in the city is brought up, the police pension is off limits.  The Pension Trustees even say that is the case.

But even as the sponsor goes the extra mile, and legal experts outline how the pension is protected or how many times the pension trustees say its protected, it’s doubtful that the message will get through as indicated in this video. Enjoy.