The Missouri House Third Read and Passed House Bill 71, the Local Control bill by a veto proof margin of 109-46.  The control of the St Louis City Police Department goes back 150-years to the Civil War. The Civil War has been over for 146 years. Most representatives today thought it was time to end it in St Louis too!

As expected, several representatives changed their “Yes” vote to “No” from the perfection vote last Thursday.  However, a few changed their “No” to a “Yes”.  As I relayed to a few, the John Kerry Method of voting “Yes” before voting “No” would be hard to explain.

When everything was said and done, for the first time in apparently 50 years, one house of the Missouri General Assembly agreed to return control of the police department to the people paying the bill! The issue now moves on to the Senate where the opposition to giving back to the taxpayers of St Louis their Police Department is much more political.

It was politics that took the police department away from the people of St Louis and it is politics that has kept it away from them for 150 years.  One way or the other, they will get it back either through the legislative process or through the people’s voting to return it at the ballot box.