Governor Nixon continues to try to persuade the media to move on to something else besides his DOR scandal.  He gets increasingly frustrated that he can’t waive his magic wand and make the magical database scandal go away!  The solution is actually pretty simple Governor – take responsibility for your administration’s actions! Tell the truth; stop the scanning, retention and sharing of Missourians personal documents and punish those who violated the law!

It ‘s been tough getting straight answers from the bureaucrats and Governor in Jefferson City.  Senator Kurt Schaefer and the Senate Appropriations committee has held hearings around the state on the issue.  The hearings were well attended and a couple of common themes emerged – loss of trust in state government and the desire to have the scanning, retention and sharing of personal data stopped!  Here is a video of Senator Schaefer describing what is happening in violation of state law:

The press continues to ask the Governor about the DOR scandal.  He keeps stuttering and hem hawing giving the press and Missourians a lot to be confident about what he is saying (tongue firmly planted in cheek!). If one looks at the contractor hired by the state to gather our data and issue licenses, non-driver’s licenses and concealed carry weapons permits it gets even worse.  The data is not safe with this company as demonstrated with problems they have had in Indiana and Georgia.

The legislature is taking a number of actions to protect Missouri citizens. The bureaucrats are not assisting in this effort. A number of bills have been passed in the Senate and the House to address this Governor’s administration failures. As session draws to a close, the Governor will be given the opportunity to sign one or more of these bills.  Some might ask, what good will that do since he isn’t requiring his adminstration to obey the law he signed in 2009?

One interesting action taken by Representative Nick Marshal is the issuance of a House Remonstrance (HRM) 1.  It’s not available on the House website but you can read page 1 here and page 2 here.  There were 96 Representatives who signed the Remonstrance. This is a serious step forward putting the Governor on notice that failure to take action will be considered a “willful neglect of duty” under Article VII, Section 1 of the Missouri Constitution.  This is an action not taken lightly.

Governor Nixon has bobbed and weaved through out this issue.  He has done everything except take responsibility for it and the actions of his administration.

This week, we begin a new series of ads on this long Nixon scandal.  We will continue as long as it takes to get the Governor to do his job for Missourians! Here’s the latest ad:

Go to and let the Governor know you demand better from the top elected official of the state!