After several weeks, the House Insurance Committee has voted “Do Pass” on Senate Bill 464 sponsored by Senator Rob Schaaf (R-34).  The bill prohibits the Governor and unelected bureaucrats from implementing the Obamacare Insurance Exchange without legislative authorization or a vote of the people.  If the Missouri House passes the bill we will vote to make it the law of the land this year and your actions will have made it happen!

Our first action alert (Missouri Health Insurance Exchange Back in the News!) during this legislative session dealt with SB464.  Since the original action alert and blog postings, a number of other groups and organizations have also helped to raise the awareness of SB464.  Today we all get to celebrate the fact the bill is one step closer to becoming a reality.

The House Insurance Committee voted the bill out with no changes.  It now goes to the House Rules Committee and then the Speaker will put it on the calendar.  It is possible – although this is the budget week – that the bill could be voted on by Friday.  Representative Tim Jones, Majority Floor Leader, is carrying the bill and I’m sure will take every measure to see that it gets passed!

This year has been the year of the activist in the Capital.  Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty that didn’t happen and some things that shouldn’t have so far but all in all out – grassroots have had an impact. A short list of impacts are:

  • You have brought SB464 this far in the process. It’s only a couple votes away from being on the ballot.
  • You helped move a spending limitation bill – HJR43– farther than it has ever gotten.
  • You STOPPED the $50 million federal grant that would have laid the groundwork for the Obamacare Insurance Exchange.

There are many more things we could list but none of them would have happened without you and your willingness to send emails and phone calls to your elected officials!

Grassroots activists are alive and well.  Most of all – they are effective!