This weekend is a sales tax holiday. The state and every polticial subdivision will not be collecting sales taxes UNLESS they opt out of the sales tax holiday. If the political subdivisions do nothing, sales taxes WOULD BE lower in your area – much lower – for the weekend. Opting out of the holiday WILL INCREASE the sales tax you would otherwise pay for the weekend.  Pretty simple concept – if you pay more than you would have it’s an increase.

It’s hard to explain to some people – especially those who might believe that government taking more of your money than they should is the way it should be is and no accountability is necessary.  Add anything to zero and you get something greater than zero.  Again – not a difficult concept to understand that if you end up paying more than you would have – that’s an increase! I offer you this example of the media disputing the fact many will pay more because of the actions of their local governments but it’s not an increase:  This is a tax increase?

If you want to find out if your local government is increasing your taxes for the weekend, you can find the listing here.