The Missouri House is scheduled to start its session at 10:30 this morning.  It is anticipated that the House will take up House Resolution (HR) 39 encouraging Attorney General Koster to either bring a lawsuit on his own on behalf of Missourians or join the Florida suit being heard in Pensacola.  The House Rules Committee voted 7-3 last night to pass HR39 on to the full House.

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It’s no secret that Obamacare was passed over the objections of most Missourians and most of those across the country. Missourians demonstrated their rejection of Obamacare by nearly 72% with the approval of Proposition C in August.

The usual suspects and excuses for not representing the will of Missourians were heard in opposition to the resolution.  The opponents bring out the same old song and dance they usually do when they sense an attack on big government. Let’s take a look a  couple of them.

Some opponents use the ruse that the legislature should be “creating jobs and improving the economy” rather than representing the people’s will on Obamacare. This argument exposes the false and dangerous view of the rightful and true role of government at any level.

Aside from taxpayer funded positions, government DOES NOT create jobs.  It certainly passes laws, promulgates regulations and taxes jobs out of existence or drives them to foreign countries.  And an argument can be made that all those laws, regulations and taxes create some private sector jobs to implement those laws, regulations and taxes, but when a business has to add these costs to its bottom line, it costs jobs, not creates them.

I may have missed some of those who objected, but the usual suspect opponents of the resolution fall into the big government spenders and supporters category. Their real argument against the resolution is that health care is part of government’s role.  Government has the duty to take care of us from cradle to grave and to tax as much as it takes to do so.  It’s true that the big government crowd has gotten smarter about disguising this view, but they haven’t changed their spots.

The resolution has been deemed to be “symbolic,” and it is true that the resolution has no force of law.  But it does have the force of the will of the people.  Elected officials seldom have such a clear cut indication of the will of the people as they do with this resolution.  It would be a disservice not to do pass HR39!

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