Missourians spoke loud and clear in a voice heard from the court house to the White House (and halls of Congress): “No means No!”

Missourians demonstrated that when they told Senator Claire McCaskill they opposed the government takeover of our health care and its associated individual mandate, they meant it and STILL MEAN IT!  Even a signficant number of democrats rejected the individual mandate!

Braving 100 degree temperatures, Missourians gave Prop C resounding approval.  Let there be no mistake, Missouri went on record to the nation that the 10th amendment is still in the US Constitution and that we will challenge any federal law that exceeds the authority granted to the federal government in that same Constitution!  Move over Texas, we are here to say, “Don’t Mess with Missouri!”

The opponents of Prop C misrepresented it in so many ways.  Prop C simply provides Missourians with the choice of retaining their individual freedom to choose their health care insurance, spend their own money on their own health care and choose their own doctors.  If any Missourian wants to submit to the government run health care proposal, buy the government proscribed plan and be subject to the government approved procedures, they still can.

Those opponents are making excuses that it was too hot for the opposition to come out and vote NO.  If someone is going to call “BULL”, this should be it! Either they would not have voted NO if they came out or they didn’t care enough to come out and vote NO.  Either way, Missouri’s voice was loud and clear today! 

The success of Prop C cannot be laid to any one person or organization’s credit.  Much appreciation and respect for Senator Jane Cunningham, Senator Jim Lembke, Representative Tim Jones and Representative Brian Nieves for being the leaders of the effort to get the measure through the General Assembly, developing a campaign organization and for sticking with it through the August 3rd primary.

Credit goes to the grassroots organizers, volunteers and activists.  They took to the street corners, walked the streets, had meetings, raised money, made phone calls, tweeted, texted, facebooked, blogged and worked the polls to insure that Prop C was a success, despite the “no organized opposition” who significantly outspent the “organized proponents” and are already getting the lawyers ready to go against the people of Missouri.

Credit goes to the voters who saw the passion of their friends, neighbors, family members and co-workers and acted on it.  They braved the hot temperatures and made sure their voice was heard at the ballot box!

Ronald Reagan said it best, “It’s surprising what you can accomplish when no one is concerned about who gets the credit”. 

The next challenge is for Missourians to be represented by their lawyer, Attorney General Chris Koster, in standing up for our individual freedom and our state’s sovereignty.  So far, AG Koster has not shown an interest in taking our side in protecting or taking on these vital issues. 

United for Missouri will be working diligently with grassroots citizens across the state to make sure Attorney General Koster understands the requirements of his job to represent “We the People”.  That includes taking whatever actions necessary, to whatever level necessary up to and including the Supreme Court to defend Missouri’s sovereignty and our freedom.