Petition to Attorney General Koster to Defend Prop C Vote

The dust has not settled or the victory of the Constitutional principal of limited government represented by Prop C been adequately savored but one of the prime opponents, the Missouri Hospital Association (MHA), has already talked lawsuits! it’s time to get to work on the next phase of protecting our state sovereignty and individual freedoms.  The big government supporters like the MHA will not rest now that Missourians have rejected their “help”!

We can expect the continued distortion of not only what Prop C does, but what the government takeover of our health care system accomplishes.  Undoubtedly a part of that distortion will be a lawsuit against Prop C.  If you don’t think this is likely, you haven’t been paying attention to what’s happening in Arizona!

A key player in this likely scenario is the Missouri Attorney General, Chris Koster.  As our state attorney, AG Koster has the responsibility to represent us and our state sovereignty.  All AG’s have had this responsibility since the office was created. Depending on the issue, some have put their heart and soul, using our money, in a given lawsuit.  On some issues, they do just enough to not be accused of “malpractice” but not enough to win.  It is the latter approach we have to be concerned about based on what has happened on the health care issue so far. That’s why we need to encourage him by signing this Petition to Attorney General Koster to Defend Prop C Vote!

Koster refused to join with the other twenty plus attorneys general around the country to protect our state’s sovereignty and challenge the federal government’s attack on it and us. Apparently there wasn’t enough basis for Koster to use the Constitutional protections we have and to stand up for our sovereignty and individual freedoms that have been violated by Obamacare. One can only presume that Koster doesn’t see an issue with deals like the Cornhusker Kickback, the Louisiana Purchase and Gator-aid and the absence of equal protection they represent.

Most recently, he has filed a motion in the Federal 8th District Circuit Court to have Lt. Governor Peter Kinder removed from the lawsuit Kinder has filed with citizens of the state as additional plaintiffs. Kinder has not filed the suit in order to represent the state but as a Constitutional officer of the state and as the state’s senior advocate.

It appears Koster’s motion is that he (Koster) is the state’s attorney and not Kinder.  No argument from Kinder or anyone else on that point that I am aware.  But Koster’s argument goes that only he has the ability to bring suit on behalf of the state and that Kinder’s position as Lt. Governor does not provide him (Kinder) the authority to do be a plaintiff.   Again, Kinder does not bring the lawsuit as the AG of the state and we would hope the court would not find Koster’s motion to have any merit.

We are keeping a close eye on AG Koster’s actions on this issue.  We ask grassroots organizers, activists and volunteers to help us make sure AG Koster remembers, “He works for us and we have spoken on this issue!” by signing the Petition to Attorney General Koster to Defend Prop C Vote.