Today a minority of the Missouri legislature was successful in their attempt to let state government continue to collect surplus funds and spend our money rather than let us spend it. Despite the hardcore, real-world evidence that broad-based income tax cuts such as the very modest ones in House Bill 253 actually generate more government revenue, many let scare tactics determine their votes.

Several legislators admitted by their vote today that they did not know what they were voting for when they originally voted “YES” on HB253 by flip flopping their vote to “NO” on the veto override.  One has to assume that since nothing has changed since the original vote that these flip floppers either didn’t read the bill the first time or didn’t understand it. Either circumstance should have elicited a “NO” vote the first time.

Those voting NO indicated their support of Missouri’s stagnant economic status quo.

Below is the Wall of Shame. It contains the pictures of those who denied tax relief for all Missourians including two Democrats and twelve Republicans who did a John Kerry on Missourians voting for it before they voted against it.  The Kerryites are denoted by an “*”.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Wall has been updated since original publication. Rep Hodges inadvertently left off original)

HB253 Wall of Shame2

 The veto override vote on HB253 was just one battle. Although it did not end up with the required 109 votes (it received 94), it did establish a beachhead for the continued fight for a stronger Missouri through tax policy reform.

Missourians are now aware of what they are missing out on and it’s negative impact on our future economy. HB253 was a shot heard round the state. It’s only the first shot. Missouri will win the war of tax reform!