It’s happening already.  Owebama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi and other out of touch with mainstream America politicians, along with their co-conspirators in the mainstream media, are making excuses for their losses.  And they haven’t even happened yet!

Jonathan Martin writes in an article in Politico (Democrats’ excuse: Outside groups killed us) that the aforementioned gang believe that we are only upset because some people, groups or corporations gave money to make us that way!  Why if we knew how they had helped us, we couldn’t possibly feel anything but gratitude and ask for more!

Here’s the full quote from Pelosi:

Everything was going great and all of a sudden secret money from God knows where — because they won’t disclose it — is pouring in,” Pelosi said, offering a sunny retelling of recent political history.

She also noted that “when the public knows the choice, we think that we will win.”

The problem, Queen Nancy, is that the public does know the choice and it isn’t you and your compadres big spending, budget busting ways! You also fail to acknowledge this litlle tidbit reported by Politico:

Further, it’s AFSCME, not one of the new conservative groups, that is spending the most money of any outside group this election, dropping $87.5 million to help Democrats. Other unions are also spending tens of millions on the campaign.

Her comment captures the essence of the problem in Washington and all around the country.  Elected officials who “know” what’s best because we are incapable of determining that for ourselves. All they need to do is a better job of educating us as our own Senator McCaskill has been telling us about her vote on healthcare.

What makes them really mad is that they don’t have a lock on the information flow.  Oh, to be sure, they have tried to keep the lid on.  McCain-Fiengold was passed to limit free speech.  The Supreme Court fortunately ruled that free speech overrides Congress’ desire to control not only information but money flow in campaigns.

When that didn’t work, the Owebama/Reid/Pelosi gang moved in an attempt to resurrect the “Fairness Doctrine” which was never about fairness but was about making sure the liberal/progressive message got out whether anyone wanted to hear it or not. And they didn’t!

Since the ‘expiration’ of the Fairness Doctrine, liberal/progressive shows and even satellite radio network channels were developed.  Almost without exception they flopped.  They could not sustain a listenership that would sustain sponsors that would sustain them.  Why? Because as we are painfully finding out with the Owebama experiment, liberal/progressive doctrines are unsustainable!

According to Queen Nancy, the apple pie and motherhood commercials from her side are bought and paid for by just regular folks. Yeah right, and I’ve got some very nice land for you in a beautiful location in Florida. Or perhaps you are interested in a bridge I have for sale?

The “other” side’s commercials are from the Devil and paid for by him! She and her gang believe that the latter commercials are apparently filled with subliminal messages designed to put the watcher into a trance for election day.  How can the Owebama/Reid/Pelosi destroy, err, I mean save America message possibly get through when the other side gets to play too?

Somebody needs to tell Queen Nancy that the people were already on to her and her gang’s bad policy, big spending and budget busting ways.  As I travel the state, I find people get their information from a multitude of sources.  The “big money” campaign commercials from BOTH sides are not the primary source of information.  What I find is that those commercials make people want to find out more!

Ronald Reagan said it best,

“Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.”

I know the majority of Missourians believe that fact.  Most of them I talk with also understand that if we really want to make long-term changes in Washington, we must begin at the Fire House, the School House, the Court House, the State House and all points in between.

We can no longer afford to allow a “fire and forget” mentality to rule our election process.  Ronald Reagan also said, “Trust but verify!” When this election is over, we must remain vigilant and hold all levels of government accountable!

But perhaps we are being to harsh on the gang. As the saying goes, “Don’t steal, the government hates the competition!”

When you are Queen Nancy and about to experience your equivalent figurative Marie Antoinette moment, I guess we can understand how she believes no one is capable of thinking except her and her gang.  Such a misplaced belief apparently serves as her cake!