The Nixon administration modus operandi (M.O.) is just that – duck, deny and deceive.  Once the scandal gets so far out of control someone has to go and it won’t be the Governor.  It’s what happened in the Department of Natural Resources e coli scandal. It happened again in the MAMTEK scandal. It probably would have happened in the plane gate but then the DOR scandal broke.  It will be interesting to see who the Governor chooses to take the  fall on this one.

Governor Nixon has denied for weeks that any data on Missourians was being collected and sent anywhere. He made fun; literally sneering in one video, of anyone who would dare say it was happening.  He made these bold, brash statements even though in his own words, he hadn’t really gotten into the details.  Turns out he should have gotten into the details because it is happening.  And it’s happening on his watch – again!

The Senate Appropriations Committee led by Senator Kurt Schaefer has been doing a great job on behalf of Missourians trying to get to the bottom of the issue.  They have had to play what they call “20 questions” with the Department of Revenue (DOR) and others trying to get information for their constituents.  It really should not have to be this way but it is.  This has been the M.O. of the Nixon administration – duck, deny and deceive.

The committee had already established that despite initial denials, a database was established. Personal data on all Missourians coming to get driver’s licenses, non-driver’s licenses and Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permits was being scanned, loaded into a database and sent to an out-of-state contractor for processing. All of this is now established fact.

DOR denied they had received any funding from Homeland Security to do any of this in furtherance of establishing REAL ID compliance contrary to state law.  Turns out they have received at least four grants including one to do biometric measurements of Missourians.  This is an established fact.

Until last week, Governor Nixon and everyone else in his administration had denied providing the federal government with any personal information on Missourians.  On Thursday, it was revealed that this too was happening.  The DOR and the Missouri State Highway Patrol has provided the federal government the names and information on ALL CCW holders in the state of Missouri – not once but twice!  This is now an established fact.

It’s time the Nixon administration stopped trying to deceive Missourians.  It only makes things worse.  It’s time Governor Nixon stepped up and took responsibility for the actions of his administration and for his role in either being a poor executive or his role in an orchestrated cover up!

Go to and get more information.  You can also take action to tell the Governor to step up and do his job for Missourians and stop protecting bureaucrats!