Governor Nixon has been getting very testy lately when asked about his administration’s latest scandal dealing with scanning and sharing our personal data. Yesterday he deemed it a “kerfuffle”. The Governor is losing his touch and support of independents and even republicans who thought he was a middle of the road kind of guy. They are finding out they are the ones in the middle of the road with the Governor driving the bus bearing down on them!

The Governor continues to try to bury his administrations malfeasance. It’s not the first time he has taken the tack of ducking, denying and deceiving Missoruians. Usually he gets away with it. He’s frustrated this time because when he waives his magic wand to make the magic database go away it’s not working.

This time the evidence and the violation of Misssourians privacy is causing him problems. He isn’t getting away with doing the sidestep shuffle.

The first major media market to do a story on this is Leisa Zigman from KSDK St. Louis. Here’s her report from last night: Why Missouri may be giving a French conglomerate access to your personal information

Leisa’s report makes it clear that there are a lot of unanswered questions. The answers that have been provided are often contradictory. And now, we find that it wasn’t just the Social Security Administration that was getting the data. Turns out it was a joint project between SSA and the ATF!

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