The fiscal cliff looms with dire predictions of economic turmoil if we go over it. The problem is that the economic havoc that will be wreaked with tax increases, spending cuts that aren’t cuts but merely promises to reduce growth in spending and an increased debt ceiling will be far greater in the future. And to make your Christmas season even brighter, it’s even worse than the $1.6 trillion Obama wants in tax increases when you consider Obamacare’s taxes!

Unfortunately we have Democrats and Republicans who are all too willing to sell out that future – the future of our children, grandchildren and beyond – all to be “liked” and so they can say they were able to “compromise”. NO is sometimes the right answer and it certainly is now when it comes to higher taxes, more spending and no real solutions!

Compromise is often nothing more than “you should agree with me or as close to my position as possible”. That’s the case for the President in the fiscal cliff discussions. It’s also the case when it comes to state level politics from time to time.

Those who want to expand government are the ones crying for “compromise”. They want the Republicans who have taken the correct stand AGAINST establishing a state health care exchange and expanding Medicaid, neither of which Missouri can afford to do, to somehow compromise and spend more money and make government bigger. Republicans need to stand firm and reply with a resounding “NO”!!

‎”No” is often the right answer and no compromise is necessary especially on a State Health Care Exchange which will cost Missouri businesses lots of money if enacted and reduce jobs without providing any state control. It’s also the right answer on Medicaid expansion which taxpayers cannot afford.

Compromise is not always the answer especially when it’s the wrong answer. It certainly is the wrong answer on these two issues!


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