It’s only natural that we usually focus on big-ticket items when we think about small versus big government. Just this year, we have focused on a state spending cap (check out The Missouri Minute – With Guest Rep Eric Burlison – Episode 43), the move to prohibit the governor and unelected bureaucrats from establishing the Obamacare Insurance Exchange on their own (see the Legislative Update, Week 3) and, of course, tax reform! With all of these “big ticket” items, it’s easy  to overlook the real bricks of big government: the small, seemingly innocuous bills that sneak in while attention is diverted to the bigger bills. We have an example for you today.

Two bills, House Bill 1291 and Senate Bill 651, are prime examples of how small, even well-intentioned bills grow government.  CLICK HERE to take action.

HB1291 (Nance, R-36) and SB651 (Schaefer, R-19) do the same thing – they establish a new board for the purpose of licensing home inspectors. Sounds like a fairly noble cause, doesn’t it? The problem is that government has grown over the years with such boards that should be self-regulating and self-policing, not government regulated.

Government regulation and licensing does nothing but add cost. It also usually gives control or an advantage to a segment of the business sector being regulated – usually at the detriment of others in that sector. It’s also up for debate whether these boards and commissions actually perform a service for the public.

A good example of a non-government group is Underwriters Labatories (UL). We have all heard of this independent product safety certification organization. It’s not a government “board.” It was established in 1894 and preceded any government regulations.

The “UL” approach can and should be applied to such things as the home inspector certification process. Government boards should not control these matters; these boards grow government and grow the cost to the consumers.  You can do something about this latest attempt to grow government.

CLICK HERE to send an email to your legislator letting them know you oppose HB1261 and SB651. Let them know that if there is a problem with the home inspection industry, it should be solved by consumers and the industry – not by government!

There is opposition to these bills in the legislature.  Your action now by CLICKING HERE can have an impact in this attempt to expand government. Share this link with others and let them know they too can help!