Which of these is a picture of the Mona Lisa?

If you think that they are comparable but not the same picture due to the color difference then you have a future in the Nixon Administration. You can parse with the best of them.

I know what most of you are thinking – that they are both pictures of the Mona Lisa it’s just one is in color and one is in black and white.

If you think the pictures are exactly the same except for the color I am sorry to inform you that you are not qualified to be in the Nixon administration and especially to work in the Department of Revenue (DOR)!

Yesterday’s Bipartisan Investigative Committee on Personal Privacy hearing was painful to sit and listen as the Director of the Motor Vehicle and Driver Licensing Bureau of DOR, Jackie Bemboom, parsed and tortured the whole truth and nothing but the truth under oath. She continued to claim that because the state did not meet all the REAL ID benchmarks – it meets 34 out of 39 – and because they do some “extra” things that the state is not REAL ID compliant. Hogwash!

The committee learned that DOR did not comply with the 2009 law that required destruction of biometric data collected as of that date nor did they cease collecting such data until later. Why? Because they were not collecting it to “comply” with REAL ID. Never mind the fact that what they were doing was being done for REAL ID purposes until the law was passed and signed.

The citizens of Missouri should be extremely upset that the government they pay for with their taxes and fees thinks that they are such fools. Citizens are supposed to believe that just because the state only meets 87% of the REAL ID benchmarks that DOR is not violating the law prohibiting compliance with REAL ID because we are only “comparable”!

It’s time that someone pay the consequence for taking advantage of Missouri citizens, needlessly violating our privacy and for breaking the law!

The committee will continue it’s work today. Stay tuned to twitter (@United4MO) and Facebook to keep up with what’s happening today and to get the live stream feed address.