There are examples of everyday citizens taking up proverbial arms, it really irritates liberals/progressives when you talk like that, against government exceeding its designed boundaries.  Prop C is just one of those causes.

Given a Jefferson Portrait hangs on the wall on one wall in the Missouri House chamber,  I often chided my friends on the other side of the aisle after one of their anti-Jeffersonian stance on issues, that when I looked at Jefferson, he had his head in his hands, shaking it in disbelief!  One can only imagine the disturbance around his burial site with today’s happenings in Washington and state capitols.

It’s interesting to watch the various media outlets across the state taking their stance on Prop C. As I’ve said before, the fact they take these stances are not the problem.  It’s when they seek to misrepresent the opposition is when the problem arises. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch did just that in their editorial trashing Prop C as we blogged about earlier this week.

Several have printed our Prop C op-ed including the KC Star which demonstrate they are at least able to give the opposing view before they slam it.  Liberal/progressive MSM outlets like the KC Star and St Louis Post-Dispatch have come out against Prop C.  Their opposition to Prop C will help those who may still be on the fence regarding Prop C to vote “Yes” if those MSM outlets are against it!

But what many don’t realize is how some of the smaller market papers are also pretty liberal/progressive in nature. They aren’t necessarily democrat only in their support.  Many will support any elected official of any party that is for more government programs and more tax dollars being spent.

A good example of the forgoing is the Warrensburg Daily Star Journal.  They offered an editorial opinion on Prop C essentially declaring it “to be nothing more than an opinion poll on federal health care”. The editor is apparently unaware that polls have been conducted indicating that over 60% of Missourians don’t agree with the federally mandated, government run health care proposal.  Even more telling, 65% of the “independents” don’t like it! The polls are done. Prop C means business!

Jeff Merrick is the leader of the Johnson County Patriots. A strong, principled leader.  Jeff demonstrates his leadership in a response to the editor of the Warrensburg Daily Star Journal. It’s direct, plain spoken and on target! I’m reprinting Jeff’s response here.

Please take note of Jeff’s e-mail signature quote.  If the party of Jefferson were to actually pay attention to Jeffersonian principles, we wouldn’t be having the problems we experience today!

Enjoy a great response!

“The following is my response to the Daily Star Journal’s editorial on Prop C. In it the editor pronounced Prop C to be nothing more than an opinion poll on federal health care because federal law trumps state law. Unfortunately, this is also the incorrect view of far too many state legislatures as well.

Missouri Has Every Right to Pass Proposition C

You are wrong Mr. Miles. Federal law is not automatically sovereign over state law. Federal law is only sovereign over state law under the 17 enumerated powers of Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution. In Article I, Section 8, the Constitution outlines in detail the scope of federal power for the purpose of protecting the sovereignty of the several states. Only in these clearly limited areas does federal law reign supreme.

If federal law is automatically sovereign over state law as you suggest, Article I, Section 8 is rendered senseless. Your view would make the state legislatures of none affect and place the sovereign states under slavery to the Federal Government.

There is no doubt that we must have a strong centralized federal government. However, we need one whose powers are strictly limited and defined. Article I, Section 8, does just that. It protects the rights of the people by keeping power as close to home as possible in the state legislatures.

The sovereign State of Missouri has every right to flex her authority when the Federal Government seeks to act outside its clearly enumerated and limited powers. If this is not true, we might as well abolish the state legislatures and change our name from the United States of America to the United State.

The State of Missouri is well within her authority to pass a law stating that the Federal Government has no authority to compel Missouri citizens to purchase federally mandated health care. Missouri has this right because the Federal Government has no authority under Article I, Section 8, of the United States Constitution to mandate federal health care.

If you allow them to mandate health care, what happens when they want to mandate something you do not want?

Jeff Merrick

Warrensburg, MO

Jeff Merrick, Johnson County Patriots

I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them. Thomas Jefferson