The Wall Street Journal offers an excellent overview of the various tax reform measures going on in the Midwest (The Heartland Tax Rebellion). The editorial emphasizes what we have been saying – we are in a race with our neighbors (Kansas and Oklahoma) to create an environment through tax reform that will stimulate our economy and create jobs.  We want the first place trophy!

The Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act (MTRA) provides a way to re-energize our economy by putting more money in people’s pockets. What happens when people have more money? They consume stuff! When you consume stuff, you create more demand . . . which creates more jobs . . . which creates more opportunities! Missouri can and should be the leader in creating opportunities for us, our kids, and our grandkids.

The opponents of the MTRA, meanwhile, continue to offer false attacks and distortions of the measure. They can (and actually do) know better, but they can’t win on the facts or on the truth. That leaves them with the only tool they know is effective: fear.

Fear is powerful – especially when you stir in a few half-truths and make it sound “good.”  The opponents of the MTRA are zen masters at this technique.

One example is that healthcare will be taxed. It won’t. As we explained in Gone With the Wind and the Missouri Broadcasters Association, no healthcare is taxed unless someone pays you back for it.  Payments by insurance companies are not taxed. Deductibles are not taxed. Co-pays are not taxed.

The opponents’ quivers are full of poison arrows – arrows that are dipped in half-truth creating what they hope is poison for much needed tax reform. The opponents’ problem is that the antidote for their poison arrows is the truth. They are counting on the truth not being able to be delivered in sufficient quantities to be an effective antidote.

United for Missouri will continue to be one of the delivery vehicles for the antidote on the MTRA. We will continue to expose the opponents falsehoods and half-truths whenever and wherever we can. You can get an idea of some of the antidote to the deceptive arrows campaign here.