Faces of Big Oil, Foreign Agents and Evil Corporations, According to Obama

Now you know how ‘he’ really feels about you, if you didn’t already. Now you know that you are incapable of independent thought; that you are bought and paid for by big oil, foreign countries and evil corporations and that if you would just get out of the way, ‘he’ and ‘his’ big government allies would be able to solve all of America’s problems!

Who is ‘he’? ‘Our’ President!It didn’t work when they called us “astroturf” and it isn’t going to work now.

Billboard Between Branson and Ozark

In a speech before the Democrat National Committee in Austin, Texas, President Obama attacked you and me! Sure, he mentioned Americans for Prosperity by name but he was attacking all of us. My friends at AFP are understandably elated to be ‘fingered’, a phrase that could be interpreted several ways and be accurate, by the President. It’s increasing membership and donations.

As happy as I am for my friends at AFP, the President didn’t just finger them.  His attack is aimed at all of us and demonstrates he has not only lost touch with economic reality, one could argue you can’t lose something you never had, but he has lost touch with real America and Americans!  He fingered all of us who have the audacity to challenge his plan of changing America from a world leader to making America just another country in the world. We have the chutzpah to believe that government has limits and that “we the people” are the governors of those limits!

But surely you can understand the President’s frustration with us. 

He wanted to have a slam dunk, government takeover of our health care system – we refused to accept “we are from the government and here to help” approach and fought him long and hard.  While he got most of what he wanted, it stirred America into action and took much longer than he desired.

He wanted a slam dunk energy policy that would bankrupt America and her businesses, costing jobs and lowering our standard of living.  He still hasn’t got it but continues to work on it, beware the lame duck Congress!

Senator Claire McCaskill helps us to understand the problem when after the resounding Prop C victory she said, “message received”, we haven’t done a good job of explaining to all of our subjects how good the government programs are for you.  All you have to do is submit to the ruling political class and all will go well.  Obviously neither Senator McCaskill nor President Obama has actually received the message: “ all is not going to go well as long as you continue to try to rule us rather than govern us with OUR consent!”

As the testimony from folks who travel and work with “real” Missourians and Americans day in and day out and our own experiences clearly demonstrate, grass roots activists and activities can and do have an impact!  According to the President, too much of an impact and we must be dealt with by deriding, dismissing and demonizing all of us who dare rise up against the crown!

Mr. President, here’s news for you: “We will not be bullied, we will not be discouraged and we will not stop fighting against your vision of an America where people serve the government rather than the government that serves the people within it’s Constitutional bounds! As John Paul Jones has been reported to have said, ‘we have only begun to fight!'”

On a more positive note, we will see you in November Mr. President. America will be making you thankful that you are not on the ballot this year! And we will be looking forward to 2012!

By the way Mr. President, I’m certain that Jimmy Carter is saying to himself, “Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have taken my place in the running for the worst President in history!”