The “Who Isn’t Against Animal Cruelty? But Proposition B Is Not the Answer” blog posting has been quite popular!  Hopefully, people will continue to comment on it or this posting.

United for Missouri does not endorse candidates but we do address issues.  UFM believes Proposition B is not the answer to the problem of “puppy mills.”

Proposition B provides all candidates a lesson in remembering that in today’s technological age you cannot say one thing one day and say a completely different thing the next.  Missouri’s Third Congressional district race pitting Ed Martin against incumbent Russ Carnahan is the perfect example of  this fact.

Congressman Carnahan stated last Friday evening that he opposed Proposition B, stating that current laws should be enforced (St Louis Beacon – Martin, Carnahan only agree on dog-breeding in first debate).

One issue, surprisingly, did find all three candidates to agreement. All three oppose Proposition B, the proposal on the Nov. 2 ballot that requires dog breeders to comply with certain care standards, and limits breeders to no more than 50 breeding dogs. All the candidates called for the state to enforce the dog-breeding laws already on the books.

By Sunday evening, his position had changed (St Louis Beacon – Carnahan revises stance on Proposition B in second 3rd District debate)


“We do have existing laws to take care of this problem … excessive regulation is not the way to go.”


Carnahan announced that he “opposed puppy mills” and supported Proposition B, the Nov. 2 ballot proposal that would impose restrictions on Missouri’s dog breeders.

Carnahan’s camp claims he was NOT changing his position on Proposition B but merely “clarifying” it. Here’s the YouTube video of the Friday and Sunday statements. Seems clear it was a change in position!

I’m a firm believer in the freedom to disagree on issues such as Proposition B, but in today’s technological age you can’t “clarify” or “revise” something you said that was obviously the opposite of what you now say you said or what you really meant to say.

This should serve as a reminder to all candidates of all parties: Say what you mean and mean what you say because you can count on a camera, smart phone, et al, to be present everywhere!