Opponents of Proposition B in the legislature have already filed bills to repeal the measure.  Let there be no doubt about it, Proposition B is an intentionally vague, horrendously written piece of trash that was sold using emotions and little fact.  However, 51%+ did vote to enact it.  I believe the legislature’s real job is to fix the problems of Proposition B rather than flat out repeal it.  However, I suspect that outcome rests with how the reasonable proponents of Proposition B work with the opponents to fix those problems.

I would doubt that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) will or should be invited to the table.  They designed the monstrosity that caused the problem.  They undoubtedly think you can fool Missourians more than you really can as demonstrated by the meteorite fall of the support for Proposition B! Once people realized that it really doesn’t do anything to prohibit what they think of as real “puppy mills,” they voted against it.

People came to realize that the true intention of the measure was to shut down legitimate businesses that were following the laws.  The “ah hah” moment for many was when they understood that true “puppy millers” were operating outside the law now.  It didn’t really take rocket scientists to figure out that there was nothing magic about Proposition B that would suddenly make these outlaws “see the light.”

HSUS and their hardcore supporters weren’t really targeting true puppy millers.  They want to see all dog breeders put out of business.  They continue to have a running gun battle demeaning those who see Proposition B for what it really was, a political ploy, not real policy.  On the other hand, it would be nice to keep them tied up fighting here in Missouri to spare others from their deceptions.

That is not to say that some of the supporters of Proposition B don’t have legitimate concerns about the well-being of the animals in question.  I am encouraged as I talk to some of these folks who understand that they need to work with those who would rather repeal the measure to find a middle ground.  A solution that actually protects, while creating the right balance for the legitimate businesses.

In the end, if the level-headed supporters of Proposition B work with the repeal proponents and stay disentangled with the radicals from HSUS, they can have a positive impact.