The Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) delivered 16 boxes of unsorted, uncategorized and unsummarized data in response to a Senate Subpoena. They have told Senate leaders that there are 34 more boxes that are available. Rather than just produce documents that clearly answer questions, the Nixon administration has chosen to play games about what is or isn’t being done with our personal data that is being collected.

Senator Kurt Schaefer (R-19) has been leading this effort as chairman of the Senate Appropriations committee. We spoke with Senator Schaefer the day the boxes were delivered.

Governor Nixon has been disengaged on the issue.  His response so far is that he hasn’t “…gotten into the details on this other than to say that no, we’re not moving forward on trying to implement Real I.D.”  He is apparently unaware of the full testimony that has been provided by his DOR on the issue.  If he were, he would be more inclined to get into the details if he is not working to cover them up.

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