We know Senator McCaskill has supported the President on every major initiative he has proposed.  She likes to point out the times when she has opposed him. A serious look will reveal that she only did so when her vote wasn’t needed. Now, the opportunity to vote to eliminate a very real threat to our state and nation’s economy is before the US Senate . Will Senator McCaskill vote for the President as she did on Obamacare or will she vote for her constituents this time?

Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment, detailed Obama’s plan to keep his promise of driving up our electric bills artificially making “green” solutions seem cost effective in Obama’s War on Coal Hits Your Electric Bill! – Guest Blog.  The vote on Senator Inhofe’s  S.J. Res 37 is imminent.

As is usually the case in the political arena, those who oppose measures that protect and represent what is best for our country and our economy such as S.J. Res 37 don’t always want to be out front with their opposition.  If at all possible, they will take whatever actions are necessary to avoid voting on the good stuff while offering meaningless bad stuff masquerading as good stuff.  This is the case with the so-called Alexander-Pryor amendment.

Phil provides more information on this blatantly political CYA maneuver in Will Alexander save desperate Dems in the War on Coal? “What’s that got to do with Senator McCaskill?” you may be asking yourself. Plenty.

The Alexander proposal is a false “fix”. It keeps the EPA regulations in place but delays them for six years.  Senator McCaskill has often supported such trickery and then claimed to have been “against” the bad stuff all they while supporting it such as the global warming measure.  It’s not comforting to watch her as she  infamously said: “The good news is our emissions are way down because of the recession.” We beat “the number we were looking for,” McCaskill explained, “assuming for the purposes of discussion cap-and-trade was passed a few years ago because we have had such a real drop in manufacturing output.”

Senator McCaskill has a chance to redeem her poor record when it comes to the economy.  Instead of voting on debt increasing, no results except increasing debt stimulus bills, she should let it be known that the EPA MACT regulations are unnecessary and unacceptable to a state like Missouri that generates 81% (4,600 jobs) of our electrical power from coal.

First, she needs to let it be known in no uncertain terms that the Alexander amendment is a sham attempt to kick the can down the road. Senator McCaskill should leave no doubt that she will not support the sham amendment!

Second, she should be outwardly and noticeably supporting S.J. Res 37.  Missouri’s economic vitality relies on having abundant, economical energy sources.  The EPA MACT regulations will ensure that is impossible driving up electricity prices and killing even more jobs than the federal government has done so far.

If Senator McCaskill is OK with killing even more jobs because of stupid government regulations, then she should remain quiet and vote against S.J. Res 37.  If she is truly concerned about her constituents and not the President’s agenda to destroy coal, then she should be shouting that S.J. Res 37 MUST be passed and be passed now!

Help the Senator find her voice for her constituents.  Below are listings of phone and fax numbers for her state and DC offices.  I recommend you call her DC AND local offices.  Tell Senator McCaskill to support Senator Inhofe’s S.J. Res 37!

Don’t just settle for a busy signal. Keep calling until you get through and call other locations – not just your “regional” one.  The “locals” also need to understand that the Senator should listen to her constituents!

Cape Girardeau
555 Independence St., Room 1600
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63703
Phone  573-651-0964
Fax 573-334-4278

915 E. Ash St.
Columbia, Missouri 65201
Phone  573-442-7130
Fax 573-442-7140

Kansas City
4141 Pennsylvania Ave., Ste. 101
Kansas City, Missouri 64111
Phone  816-421-1639
Fax 816-421-2562

324 Park Central West, Ste. 101
Springfield, Missouri 65806
Phone  417-868-8745
Fax 417-831-1349

St. Louis
5850 Delmar Blvd, Ste. A
St. Louis, Missouri 63112
Phone  314-367-1364
Fax 314-361-8649

Washington D.C. Office

For those visiting Washington, D.C., please stop by Claire’s office near the Capitol:

Office of U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill
United States Senate

Hart Senate Office Building, Ste. 506
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone  202-224-6154
Fax 202-228-6326