The Second Regular Session of the 96th General Assembly is rapidly approaching its constitutionally mandated close.  The Missouri Constitution requires that the legislative session conclude by 6pm this Friday. This year’s session is the longest possible under the constitution, which says the session is to begin the first Wednesday after the first Monday in January and must conclude by 6 p.m. on the second Friday after the first Monday in May. It’s been a long session!

Throughout the session, United for Missouri members have played an active role in impacting legislation. We have seen nearly 25,000 emails sent to legislators by our members. This activity has seen several successful outcomes and mentions in committees and on the floor by various legislators!

Take, for example, the elimination of a $50 million federal grant for “upgrading the state’s Medicaid computer system”. Throughout the various grant documents, it was clear the system was to lay the groundwork for the Obamacare Insurance Exchange. Thousands of our members sent emails to their senators, and, as a result, the $50 million is not in the state budget for Fiscal Year 2013!

Another example UFM members’ influence is Senate Bill 464, sponsored by Senator Rob Schaaf (R-34). SB464 would place on the ballot a prohibition on the governor and unelected bureaucrats from establishing any insurance exchange without an action of legislature or vote of the people. It was the subject of our first action alert for the session and our last.

In our last action alert of the session, Missouri House One Vote Away from Approving SB464, Stopping the Governor and Unelected Bureaucrats from Bringing Obamacare Insurance Exchanges to Missouri!, we give our members the opportunity to weigh in one last time about the importance of SB464. We have had more than 1,200 emails sent so far the past couple of days.  More are needed!

As the last day of session approaches, the bill only needs one more vote to be placed on the ballot. Many procedural moves are being made on the bill, and we need to make sure that House members understand and know the support that exists for SB464!

If you have sent your email already – thank you! Please share the action alert with everyone on your contact list.

If you haven’t responded yet – there’s still time. It’s important that as many people as possible let their voices be heard on this important issue!