Since January, thousands of people have traveled to the State Capitol, made phone calls, e-mailed their legislators and attended rallies in support of what is now Proposition C, the Health Care Freedom Act.  In the “old days”, once the legislature placed Prop C on the ballot, people would have rubbed their hands together and said, “that’s that” and gone home satisfied with their accomplishment…but not today!

Those activists and more are remaining involved in making sure the word gets out that Prop C is for Missouri and protects its citizens from an overreaching federal government.  They are standing on street corners handing out informational pamphlets, they are going door-to-door dropping literature, they are attending fundraisers to support the effort and much more.  The progressives (aka liberals), thought that these grass roots activists would go away but they didn’t and they are not going to do so.

Some will remember the Edwin Starr song “War” where the lyrics read “War, what is it good for…absolutely nothing”.  It was a number one hit in the 70’s and captured the anti-war feeling of the liberals (aka, progressives) at the time.  I’m pretty sure as we get closer to the August 3, 2010 election date, the supporters of big government and its government control of our health care will be trying to sell us on “War” again. Or at least the notion that Prop C isn’t worth anything. Fortunately, America has awakened to the fallacy that big government is our friend and Missouri will show the nation that government control of our health care is unacceptable!

In the coming two weeks before the election, you will hear and read lots of false and misleading opposition to Prop C.  What does Prop C do?  It’s a straightforward proposition which in and of itself is unusual coming from government!

It would prohibit any individual or employer from being penalized for not buying government-defined health insurance.  The progressives will tell you there is no individual mandate in the federal health care bill.  They are fibbing.  It is true, you don’t have to buy an insurance policy but if you don’t, you will be hit with a tax penalty.  Walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, it’s an individual mandate!

What won’t Prop C do?

  • It won’t overturn the federal law implementing government control of our health care, putting the government in charge of our health care decision instead of us and our doctors.
  • It won’t cause Missouri to lose Medicaid funding as we will still be in compliance with Medicaid rules. We just won’t add more people that the state can’t afford beyond what the feds have levied as an unfunded mandate. Fewer people will be added because people will have a choice not to have government run health care.
  • It won’t prevent anyone who wants to join the government controlled health care system from doing so.  Anyone who thinks a government bureaucrat can make better decisions regarding their health care than they and their doctor could make can have it. These same people may be surprised to find out that government is already the biggest denier of health care insurance claims.  It’ll only get worse the bigger the government program gets.

One has to wonder why if the opponents of Prop C think it is so bad, why not let those of us who think it is so good suffer the consequences of our “bad” decision? Oh yeah that’s right, they believe government is smarter than all of us and knows best.

And war, what is it good for? Well it defeated Nazis and Fascists regimes bent on taking over the world and it pulled the US out of the great depression which was extended by at least 10 years by big government programs instituted by FDR.  But then that’s a different story for a different time.