UPDATE:  Callers should be aware the Governor’s office is now telling people the Governor was never going to sign an executive order.  After the debacle yesterday where he was apparently going to rely on the actions of an “independent” commission, I would say he probably isn’t going to do it now either!  Keep calling!


Here is the action alert we just sent out to our members regarding the Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange in Missouri.  Many have responded they have taken action already! If you are not on our mailing list – click here to join.

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 Stop Obamacare in Missouri! 
Last August, 71.1% of Missourians voted against the individual mandate of Obamacare, thereby sending a clear message that Obamacare was not welcome in Missouri!  Now, Governor Jay Nixon is prepared to sign an executive order to implement a major piece of Obamacare: the Health Care Insurance Exchange.The legislature considered the Health Care Insurance Exchange and decided not to implement it. Now, the Governor and his bureaucrats in the Missouri Department of Insurance have apparently decided that the elected representatives of “We the People” were wrong for supporting the overwhelming vote on Prop C. As a result, they are taking a back-door approach, establishing not only the exchange but effectively implementing a major piece of Obamacare in our state. You have an opportunity to bring this back-door approach to an end. Your immediate attention is required!First, call the Governor’s office: (573) 751-3222. The Governor is challenging the 71.1% vote on Proposition C. Let the Governor’s office know that you are opposed to mandated health care and opposed to any attempt to implement Obamacare in Missouri in any way, including via the Health Care Insurance Exchange!

Second, if you are able, attend a rally at the State Capitol tomorrow, beginning at 10:15 on the south lawn. If you supported Prop C, you will want to continue the fight for current and future generations! 

Here are some things you can do to prepare for the rally:  

1. Forward this email to everyone you know.

2. Call everyone you know if they don’t use the internet.

3. Plan your carpool.

4. If you cannot make it, please send someone in your place.

5. If you’re bringing signs (no signs with “handles” allowed), please keep them proper and respectful (e.g., “Listen to the People!” or “No Means No!”)

6. Make preparations to put messages on your car for the trip to Jefferson City.

Thank you for your activism. We must remain engaged to protect our liberties.