Picture from Callaway County Property Rights Meeting 1/7/2013 (Thanks Mark Flakne)

Callaway County PRC
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Callaway County Commission considers assault on property rights.

CLICK HERE to let your County Commissioners know you oppose the establishment of an Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ) in Callaway County!

The Callaway County Commission has been preparing to establish a large Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ) that would blight 170 square miles or 20% of the county. The result would be the ability to condemn private property and provide it to private companies who would in turn receive tax breaks to “create” jobs. The only problem is, the track record for EEZ’s and other government “economic development” programs is dismal!

These economic development “tools” usually accomplish two or three things – none of which provide overall improvements to job creation.

One of the things they do is simply just move businesses and jobs from one area, usually nearby, to another. Moving jobs from one area to another is not job creation.

Another “accomplishment” is that these programs involve giving tax breaks to the companies who take advantage of free infrastructure and usually property and/or income tax breaks. What happens when 170 square miles of property is taken off the rolls for a period of time? You guessed it – other County taxpayers have to pick up the slack created by those forgone taxes.
Blighting can have a similar affect to foreclosures – depressing land values. If a property is “bad enough” to be blighted, its value is less. If that property’s value is less and your property abuts it, your property values will be impacted even if only temporarily. It’s a domino effect.

Perhaps you could accept all of these factors if jobs were created and the economy in the county were improved. The fact is that EEZ’s have not only been shown to be ineffective, areas with EEZ’s actually perform at a lower level than those without them!

Your immediate attention is required Click Here!

As citizens of Callaway County have become more aware of the County Commission plans and educated about the lackluster performance of EEZ’s they have become vocal in their opposition. The result of these voices being raised is that the County Commission has slowed down their efforts to establish the EEZ. But the possibility still exists that they will continue to work on it. CLICK HERE to act now.

You can be part of the voices of Callaway County and let the County Commission know that an EEZ is not the answer to economic development in your county. The Commission could be taking several actions of their own and encouraging the state to create a better economic climate that treats all taxpayers the same and actually attracts jobs without government giveaways.
Here’s how you can make a difference.

Send an email to the County Commission and let them know you do not support the establishment of an EEZ by CLICKING HERE! They are just beginning to learn of the problems associated with such a measure and citizen opposition to it! Your input NOW can have a significant impact on them.

Another way to affect this issue is to forward a copy of this link to everyone you know. The more people who weigh in with the County Commission the harder it will be for them to take this action.

Thank you for your activism. Grassroots soldiers have shown they are effective all across the state and here in Callaway County. Already grassroots people have had an impact in slowing the process down. Now it is time to bring it to an end. We must remain engaged to protect our liberties! CLICK HERE!