Missourians don’t have to wonder whether the tax reform proposal that would eliminate the individual income tax works or not. We have a real-world working model right next door in Tennessee.

Not only has Tennessee “existed” without an income tax system, it has flourished. Tennessee has out-performed Missouri in almost every economic measure. Two videos help tell the Tennessee story and explain why Missouri would be better eliminating our income tax and moving to a consumer-driven sales tax.

The first video features the Tennessee Comptroller.  He discusses the basics of state budgets and revenue and how the lack of an individual income tax has prevented the current economic downturn from impacting Tennessee as badly as states like Missouri, which primarily rely on an income tax.

The second video features Tennessee State Senator Brian Kelsey. Senator Kelsey sits on a number of key fiscal committees in the Tennessee Senate. He also is the chief proponent of a constitutional amendment to ensure that Tennessee never has an income tax. Senator Kelsey discusses how Tennessee is doing economically, and emphasizes how this success in attracting new business to the state.

Our neighbors in Tennessee have not only “made it” without an income tax, they have prospered! If Tennessee can do it, so can Missouri!